Dear Residents,
As a reminder of our easy way to communicate, I ask that you e-mail me at my email, and if you have Wynstone business or questions, please use each residents address for their e-mail.
My address email is:       it is that easy.   
I have programmed the e-mail to forward from the Wynstone account to your personal e-mail for your convenience.
If you personal e-mail changes, you can change the forwarding address in your wynstone account.
These addresses should already be programmed into your e-mail accounts.
If anyone would like a refresher on how any of this works, I would be glad to go to your home to show you, have you or a group over to my home to demonstrate, or send you instructions on how to use the email/website.
You can click this link to read about the functions available, .
I will be placing additional documents and meeting minutes on the website over the next few days for you convenience.
If you need anything else, please contact via the information below.

Brian Nielsen - President
Wynstone Townhome Association