Dear All,
I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!
The Board has installed new mulch this spring in the garden areas, which has been noted to be a noticeable improvement.
I saw Marylin Legler putting in flowers in some of those areas, and they look quite nice.
The Board has voted and approved the installation of new mulch in the Resident front yards (facing the circle and along the sides of the homes), which will paid out of funds currently held in reserve.
If you (the individual residents) would like to have your back yard re-filled with mulch at the same time the front yards are done (in about 2 weeks), here are the details.
Back yards to be mulched will be paid by the resident for the mulch used in their back yard.  
The installer will install all requested back yards, then charge the association, then the association will charge each individual resident based upon how many yards of mulch they used.
According to the mulch installer, he will charge $60 per yard for mulch installed.  For an average back yard it is estimated to take between 2-3 yards of mulch.
This translates into $120-$180 per resident.
A calculation per yard example is as follows:
If you had an area in your back yard that was 10 feet by 10 feet, that would equal 100 feet.  Then you divide that number by 100 to arrive at yard of mulch 3 inches thick.
10 x 10 = 100 / 100 = 1 yard of mulch
If you have separate areas that are odd shaped, cut up the areas into squares like 1 x 6 and 2 x 8, then we can do the calculation.
1.   I need to know "Yes" or "No" if you want to pay to have your back yard mulched.
2.   I need to know the closest number of yards, or measurements like (10 x10) +  (2 x 8), so that I can calculate yards.
3.   I will send the address and number of yards to the mulch installer so he can do the job.
4.   The mulch installer plans on installing the mulch the week of June 12th, and may go into the week of June 19th.
Thanks for your time, if you have any questions you can call me.

Brian Nielsen - President
Wynstone Townhome Association