Dear Residents,



You are among the first to preview the new website!



I have just finished setting up the preliminary site, and am now looking for more items to post there for the residents. 

Please let me know if there is anything you want added.






I have just set up your e-mail account, and your new Wynstone1 email will be your address number

Resident messages sent to that address will automatically be forwarded to your e-mail account on file. 



A copy in your wynstone1 account, and a copy to your regular e-mail account.



This will make it easy for residents to e-mail each other.   A resident or Board member only need know the resident's address and send it to the number address "@" and that's it, the resident will receive it both places.



The resident will be responsible to keep their own e-mail addresses up to date in the e-mail account below.   




Your log-in information will follow in another e-mail shortly.




To log into the community guest "Wynstone" e-mail site where resident phone numbers and other information is located, please use the same link as above, and use the following:


Name:       wynstone

Password:   wynstone






Any other questions, please e-mail at your convenience.